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Menu Planning

Here I dive into my two ways to plan ahead and create our menus because intentionality is everything!

Costco Grocery List
(this is organized by the store layout)


Eating away from home

Whether you are camping, on a business trip, or taking a family vacation, there are tips and tricks to help you stay on track!



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What's in my purse

I’m literally going through my purse to show you the kinds of food that I keep tucked away so that I am not easily derailed.


Using a keto-Mojo

Warning, there is blood in this video!

I’m going to explain why you would want to use this, when to use it, and then show you how to do it.


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Using Cronometer

This free app is super helpful on your low-insulin lifestyle.  I’ll show you how to enter recipes and track your macros like a pro as well as going over what it all means.

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