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How does functional testing work?

I want to explain what exactly functional testing looks like as well as why you should use it.



Metabolic Approach to cancer

Here I explain the Terrain 10 and how to find the root drivers of your cancer – or learn how to prevent cancer specifically for you.

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Cancer Freedom Retreat

I want to share with you all the amazing aspects of the Cancer Freedom Retreat.  Imagine addressing cancer while on a luxury retreat.  Serious science meets serious fun!


Group vs Private packages

In this video, I discuss the pros and cons of the group versus the private package.  Different options for different people because we don’t all have the same preferences and situations.


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Become a Practitioner

Interested in paying it forward?  

Here is all the info to become an amazing Pilates instructor and to become an awesome Functional Nutritional Therapist.

Pilates Freedom

Nutritional Therapy Association

Restorative Wellness Solutions

Metabolic Approach to Cancer – advocate

Metabolic Approach to Cancer – practitioner

Tired of feeling awful?

use nutritional pilates to change your life

We have private, group, and retreat options to take your health to the next level!