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Katrina Foe

Katrina is an educator, an author, and an international presenter.  She is a board certified functional nutritionist and she is an instructor for Restorative Wellness Solutions.  Katrina is also a 2nd generation Pilates Master Teacher Trainer and has trained more than 2000 Pilates teachers over the last 20 years.

In 2015, Katrina discovered she had breast cancer.  She used 100% natural means to put it into remission.  Her life experience and professional experience make her uniquely qualified for the creation of Nutritional Pilates and the profound results it can achieve.


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Listen to REAL clients talk about their healing journey and what helped them the most! 

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Hear the whole story of how Katrina overcame breast cancer and other health obstacles naturally.

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Get ready to transform your health and become the person you’ve always wanted to be!

Do you have symptoms that you don’t understand and can’t get rid of?  Maybe you’ve been dismissed by doctors as “it’s all in your head.”  At Nutritional Pilates, we dig to find the answers because you are not crazy and you deserve to feel good!

We will listen to your needs and concerns and will develop a custom plan for you.  We will help you integrate it into your life in manageable steps and be there for you every step of the way!

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”

- Joseph Pilates
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